The Toronto Music Festival Experience

The leading songs festivals in Ontario for 2014 will take you all over the province. While we like Toronto (and also its festivals), sometimes you have to spend some time in addition to loved ones to cherish them much more. While Toronto has enough music fests to stay you within city limits nearly every weekend of the summertime (check in soon for our master listing), there are a myriad of encounters a short road-trip away – ones you will not locate at Yonge as well as Dundas.

The celebration period has actually already begun: Guelph’s Kazoo Festival (not all kazoo music) just finished up, and we’ve already published our list of must-see springtime feasts, so do not sleep at the wheel and also miss out these Ontario destinations. (There’s additionally no question that Quebec has its reasonable share of impressive festivals, including Osheaga and also MUTEK, but we’ve limited our scope of hype to Ontario’s ideal and brightest.).

If none of these fests have you reserving a rental automobile, there’s one more extremely specific however renowneded stop: Collingwood’s Elvis Festival. From July 24 to 27, Collingwood will certainly be awash is sequins, blue suede footwears as well as glossy hairstyles. You’re welcome.


Here are the leading 10 Ontario music fests worth attacking the highway for this spring as well as summertime.

RBC Royal Bank Blues Fest.
Area: Ottawa.
Days: July 3-13, 2014.
Place: Lebreton Flats Park.
Driving time: ~ 4.5 humans resources.
Even more Bonnaroo compared to “blues fest”, the Ottawa Blues Fest is up there with NXNE for the title of biggest celebration in Ontario. Maybe you’ve ignored it as a result of the misleading name, just it’s challenging to disregard names like Lady Gaga, The Killers, Blake Shelton, Queens Of The Stone Age, Lady Antebellum, Journey, Snoop Dogg … and those are the merely the headliners amongst the 60-plus entertainers arranged for 2014.

Wolfe Island Music Festival.
Place: Wolfe Island (Kingston).
Days: August 8-9, 2014.
Venue: Marysville, Ont.
Drive time: ~ 3 hrs.
Wolfe Island is where Lake Ontario complies with the St. Lawrence stream, a totally free 20-minute ferryboat ride from Kingston. The celebration extends 2 days: Friday’s programs occur in numerous little locations around Marysville (the only town on the island, where the ferryboat drops anchor), and Saturday goes from twelve noon ’til evening on a baseball diamond. The bands are largely Canadian independent, with a hip-hop act or more for variety, yet it’s the laid-back environment that makes it worth the journey; you’re just as most likely to face Joel Plaskett at the general store as you are catching him headlining the primary phase. Camping is likewise part of the encounter (just not needed), with a camping tent village set up steps from the primary phase – merely ensure you book early.

Clinic: Guelph.
Dates: July 25-27, 2014.
Place: Guelph Lake Island.
Driving time: ~ 1 hr.
Hill has gotten enough prestige in its 30-plus years that their weekend passes have been known to sell out in minutes. Concentrating largely on Canadian skill, 2014 brings Tegan and Sara, Hey Rosetta!, Hollerado, Young Galaxy, Four Tet as well as lots a lot more. There’s a distinct hippie ambiance, though that’s not necessarily discovered in the musical lineup – it ranslates to excellent regional food suppliers, no canteen available (bring your very own for free refills) and no men putting on vacant beer instances as hats. Outdoor camping can be a huge part of Hillside, but for that you’ll have to either publication in March, or have an individual onsite at 8am the very first day to rack up an overflow site.

Top Three Festivals to Explore in Ontario

Regardless of the moment of year, individuals across Ontario are inevitably looking for something fun and also interesting to do whenever they have some leisure. One often neglected task is 1 and even a few of the many festivals that are arranged during the calendar year. The Ontario region alone is the host to hundreds and also hundreds of festival annually, numerous of which are globally acknowledged and also people come from all over the world to attend.
Irrespective of where you live in the district there is bound to be a festival that will certainly peak your passion. Festivals are also ideal for destinations for vacations, weekend escapes, as well as excellent places to stop at as part of a roadway adventure.
Leading Three Festivals to go and also see in Ontario
Right here are three of one of the most popular celebrations to see in Ontario:

1.)Toronto International Film Festival: The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is one of the most well-liked and also globe distinguished film celebrations. If you truly like keeping up with star society as well as would such as the opportunity to ideally come throughout your favorite superstar on the red carpet, visiting Toronto for TIFF is the excellent festival for you to inspect out.
2. The Niagara Wine Festival: The Niagara Wine Festival is the best area for wine enthusiasts in Ontario. Organized in the attractive Niagara on the, it absolutely is the ideal celebration to try the most up to date wine releases from your favourite Ontario wineries. And also do not stress; this celebration is enjoyable for novice wine enthusiasts to the most skilled enthusiasts. Tastings as well as events go through the period of the celebration and also people can in fact attend academic workshops that will certainly educate them concerning wine as well as wine sampling.
3. Stratford Festival: Theatre enthusiasts mark your schedules. The Stratford Festival, which runs throughout the summer in Stratford, is a terrific festival if you want to soak up a couple of programs. Highlighted shows alter every year and also there is greater than sufficient chance to absorb a few or every one of the shows that are timetabled for the season.
Do not fret if these 3 Ontario festivals do not match your fancy. There are much more that you could show up at. Other remarkable celebrations that you could wish to see in Ontario consist of:

  • Shaw Festival
  • NXNE
  • Mississauga Waterfront Festival
  • Taste of the Danforth
  • Ottawa Jazz Festival
  •  Pride Week
  •  Fringe Festival
  •  Rock the Park
  • Boots and Hearts Music Festival
  •  Kitchener Oktoberfest
    And much more!

With all these selections, you should certainly have no trouble locating a festival to go to in your location. Likewise, the most effective component is that most have cost-free entry and offer a wide range of activities that are well matched for people of every age group. Celebrations are excellent family fun and also amusement.
What Ontario festival are you visiting attend next?

The Ontario region alone is the host to hundreds and also hundreds of celebration every year, many of which are globally identified and also folks come from all over the world to attend.
Toronto International Film Festival: The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is one of the most well-liked and globe renowned movie festivals. The Niagara Wine Festival: The Niagara Wine Festival is the best area for wine enthusiasts in Ontario. Organized in the beautiful Niagara on the, it truly is the suitable festival to try out the latest wine launches from your favourite Ontario wineries. The Stratford Festival, which runs throughout the summertime in Stratford, is a fantastic festival if you desire to soak up a couple of shows.

What to Do in Ontario

What to Do in Ontario

An Ontario Vacation – Fishing

The uniqueness of Canada’s provinces makes each one worth seeing. Whether you like to swim or ski, fish or golf, browse through nationwide monoliths or museums, Canada has it all in one stunning, thirteen-province nation.

One of one of the most popular travel locations in Canada is Ontario, a city facility of industry as well as society. With a populace of greater than 12 million, Ontario is the home of regarding one in three Canadians, eighty per cent of which reside in urban centres, greatly in cities on the coasts of the Great Lakes.

Ontario Fishing

Ontario Fishing

Exactly what is Ontario weather like?

Ontario weather differs greatly. All areas of Ontario obtain snow in winter yet have warm comfortable summertimes.

Exactly what can we do in Ontario?

Yearly, Ontario tourism focuses on 3 major places, Toronto, Ottawa, and Niagara Falls.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada as well as the 4th biggest in North America. Several of the crucial destinations of the city are the CN Tower, the Port Front, the Skydome, the Hockey Venue of Popularity, as well as the Toronto Zoo.

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, supplies a range of fun activities and galleries to fill your day. The Ontario vacationer could not leave Ottawa without visiting Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal, as well as the National Gallery.

Known as the honeymoon resources, Niagara Falls is among Ontario’s primary visitor destinations. Twelve million vacationers group right here annually to witness the wonder of the three major drops– American Falls (1060 feet vast, 176 feet higher), Bridal Shroud Falls (1060 feet wide, 176 feet higher), and Canadian Horseshoe Falls (2600 feet large, 160 feet high). Niagara Falls is open and also active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Other places of interest for vacationers in Ontario are St. Lawrence Market, Ontario Science Centre, Paramount Canada’s Heaven, the Toronto Islands, as well as the Stratford Festival.

Can we fish in Ontario?

Ontario has the biggest fresh water lakes in the globe and also a substantial diversity of fish, making it the ideal area in the country for a fishing trip. Make of course to acquaint yourself with all the regulations regarding Ontario fishing just before preparing your trip.

For several of the very best Brook trout fishing around the world you need to visit Ontario. Ontario hases more than one quarter of a million streams as well as lakes. Potentially you might fish a new stream or Lake on every different trip you take and also never fish the very same location more than once. It’s also feasible, to be fishing for Brook trout where no one else has before you.

Fishing streams.

A few of the simplest, and most gratifying Brook trout fishing you’ll ever have, will certainly be fishing the many streams of Ontario. Whether it’s from the northern reaches, or central Ontario, to southern Ontario it really doesn’t matter, considering that there are Brook trout streams situated in all these locations. The bigger Brook trout will nonetheless originate from central and also northern Ontario. In the southern Ontario you will certainly discover several Brook trout in the 14 to 16 inch variety. The majority of the streams in southern Ontario run through pasture land and via cedar bush. My personal favorite is fishing the streams as well as northern Ontario. When fishing the streams in central and southern Ontario one my preferred tactics is to fish the culverts that are situated on alleyways. Exactly what you try to find is a good spring season fed stream that passes under the roads. You can locate the streams either by driving the alleys, or obtain a topographic map as well as taking a look at it. One of one of the most successful approaches I need fishing these culverts, is to float a cozy back beneath about halfway, as well as Brook trout being the aggressive feeders they are, will often attack right away. Be sure to fish these back road culverts, as they are neglected by most of the trout angler.

Lake fishing.

Lake fishing for Brook trout is possibly, one of the most relaxing means to catch this fish. The bulk of lakes that I fish for Brook trout are found in northern Ontario. In the northern Ontario lakes that I fish in, I will still fish for Brook trout at the lots of beaver huts that populate the shore line of the lakes.

Ontario has the largest fresh water lakes in the globe and also a huge diversity of fish, making it the ideal place in the nation for a fishing trip. Make certain to familiarize yourself with all the rules relating to Ontario fishing prior to planning your trip. For some of the ideal Brook trout fishing in the world you need to go to Ontario. Some of the easiest, and many rewarding Brook trout fishing you’ll ever before have, will certainly be fishing the several streams of Ontario. Whether it’s from the northern reaches, or central Ontario, to southern Ontario it truly does not matter, due to the fact that there are Brook trout streams located in all these areas.

Event Planning Made Easy – Plan your Events Right

Event Planning

Events like conferences, conventions, trade shows, and even gallery displays involve a lot of planning. At any given time before, during, and after an event, things will always go wrong and it would take me a while to list down everything that can and will go wrong. I have worked as an event planner for more than 10 years now and I know what it’s like to deal with these mistakes on the spot. It’s stressful, it’s tiring, and it’s downright frustrating.

If there is one thing I learned with event planning, it’s this: always have contingency plans. Do not go from one point to another without planning alternate routes to it. I remember planning a convention that was supposed to be held outdoors, and then it suddenly rained on the day of the event. What’s worse was that we weren’t able to book the rooms inside and they were already full. Do you know how frustrating it is to not have a backup plan because you assume that things will go smoothly? Plan all the way till you reach plan Z. I never push through with one aspect of an event if there are no contingency plans for it. If I was asked to hire this particular restaurant, I would still look for 5 more just in case. If I was asked to book a particular venue, I would look for 10 more.

Assuming that things will go smoothly will be the death of your event planning days. When I first started, I was optimistic and thought that everything will be OK when it came to event planning. A few failures later, I changed my mind. Defensive pessimism, as psychologists called it, is a form of pessimism that allows you to prepare for worst case scenarios. This is what I had to develop because I needed to prepare myself. A couple of years ago, I was tasked to supervise 3 event coordinators as they were going to plan for an anime convention here in Ontario. It was that huge because they needed three event coordinators. Now, one of the coordinators quit halfway through the planning and she was supposed to take care of logistics. We were impaired until the day of the event and we had to carry the burden of logistics. I didn’t even think that one of them would quit.


Event planning has to be done right. An individual who pays close attention to details and creates sufficient routes to meet certain goals will be the perfect man to plan an event. Remember, if you are going to be an event planner, your motto should be “what can go wrong, will”.

Places to See and Visit in South Ontario


Tourism is something that I’ve always had a passion for. The opportunity to visit new places and the ability to showcase it to other people is immensely satisfying. This is why I ventured into South Ontario’s tourism simply because I want to show people how beautiful my beloved city is. I have been living in Ontario for the better part of my life now and I do not regret not moving to other places even when there were multiple opportunities.

If you’re going to be in South Ontario, you need to see the sights and visit the following places for a complete Ontario experience. Of course, you can also ring me up if you want a tour guide.


Niagara Falls may not be part of South Ontario, but I feel that people who do visit Ontario should visit Niagara Falls. I love this beautiful masterpiece of Nature. You definitely should not miss out on this. Missing out on seeing the Niagara Falls is like missing out on your daughter’s wedding or son’s college graduation. “It would be harder for a man to stand nearer to God than he does here,” Charles Dickens once remarked.

St. Jacobs Farmers' Market

St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market and Flea Market is the place if you’re looking to shop around, dine, or even play. It’s located in 878 Weber St. N., Waterloo, ON. There are more than 600 vendors inside and outside the market and you can find a wide array of fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and even baking products. St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market and Flea Market is also located an hour and a half west of Niagara Falls.

Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Point Pelee National Park of Canada should be on your list, especially if you’re an outdoor-type of person. Point Pelee is a peninsula that measures 11-miles long and extends into Lake Erie about 50 km south east of Windsor and is the southernmost tip of the Canadian mainland. It is host to approximately 500,000 visitors every year and with the beautiful lake and the clear and cool waters of Lake Erie, it’s no surprise why a lot of people keep coming back here.


The Arboretum measures at 408 acres, containing nothing but natural gardens, nature trails, and plant collections. The park is open all year round and open from dusk till dawn. Enjoy the beautiful flowers from their 35 plant collections with more than 3000 trees and shrubs. See beautiful flowers like rose, lilac, rhododendron and Gosling Wildlife Gardens. You can even participate in birding and gardening classes hosted right in the Arboretum.


The Careful Art of Planning Business Events

Your business in the spotlight


There are numerous ways for business owners to put their business on the spotlight. They can join conventions, trade shows, or have a company event of their own. These events require lots of preparation, even if a business owner is merely a participant. Organizing, however, is a different story because you’d have to prepare a lot of things in order to accommodate the people or businesses that you want to invite in your event. Planning business events is not rocket science, but it is difficult. You can, however, make things easier for you and your participants.

There are three important things that you need to keep in mind when planning business events:

Theme and target


Business events are not all about openings and anniversaries, although they are 2 big events. When you’re planning events, it’s important to think about the theme and target. This will help you get an idea of who you want to attract to the event, and why you want to attract them. Conventions and trade shows are awesome if you’re looking to build better business relationships with your competitors. Once you’ve settled on a theme and target, you can move on to other aspects of planning business events.

The logistics

This is important because you can’t have a business event if you don’t know how to get your important items from one place to another. Logistics can affect several factors like food and catering, furnishings, and other important items. How can you have a successful event if your participants don’t have food, or how can you accommodate them if you don’t have tables or chairs? Logistics usually come after determining your theme and target so you will know what to provide.

For example, if you find yourself hosting an event in a hotel or convention hall, you need to be ready with a lot of cardboard boxes and other items for storage.


Lastly, you cannot succeed running an event on your own. You need to hire people to help organize and facilitate the entire thing. You can go for business event planners if you find the task of organizing too overwhelming, or you can also ask help from your employees. When you’re doing a trade show on hotels or convention halls, there are also staff members that could be hired as additional manpower.

When your business is on the spotlight, it’s important that you keep your best foot forward. When you’re the organizer of a business event, remember that your business is also on the spotlight.

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